Historically Based Decorative Ceramic Tile

Native collection tiles are restoration quality handmade decorative ceramic tile in the Spanish/Moorish and Craftsman Styles. Encompassing a large catalogue of patterns Native tiles are at home in a classic Spanish home or a modern farmhouse.

Each tile is handmade and therefore can be done in your custom color combination.

​Tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Wall and floor usage based on tile finish.​

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Modernist Stripes
Modernist Concentric
Native tile filmore clark
Turkish Medallion
Native tile filmore clark
Worms Medallion
Tunisian Flower
native tile filmore clark
Jays Medallion
native tile filmore clark
Medieval Medallion
native tile filmore clark
Amish Star
Native Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel
Native Kaliedoscope
Native Ogee Medallion
Ogee Medallion
Native Open Cross
Open Cross
Native Sail Boat
Sail Boat Pattern