Our Vision

Filmore Clark is an artisan tile studio featuring the best US made ceramic, glass and mosaics. We believe handmade tile evokes the spirit of the craftsman and elevates your space. Quality over Quantity.

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The Team

Lee Nicholson

Lee Nicholson

Opening Filmore Clark in 2010, Lee began her love affair with tile over three decades ago.

Working behind the scenes in wholesale, purchasing and marketing gave her access to great relationships with many US tile artisans.

Wanting to be independent and more creative, led the way to open her own tile showroom which would focus on only US made ceramic, stone, glass and mosaics.

This all made even more sense with more and more focus on “going local” and supporting local artisans, so why should your building product choices be any
different? Many people had no idea what was and could be manufactured in the



In charge of office morale and the occasional needed reminder that we all need to get out and take more walks.