Modern Large Format Glass

Chiaro Tile is flat body, large module glass tile that has a tailored and modern look. It is not kiln fired and therefore maintains it’s mirror smooth and reflective character. The extensive color palette ranges from neutral and subtle to bright and bold and includes metallic colors as well.

There are two finishes; glossy – creates a bright and airy feel or sandblasted – for a misty soft and atmospheric mood. The color coating is air bonded to the setting surface (backside) of the tile allowing for a very low carbon footprint in its production.

Chiaro Tile is comprised of 140 colors arranged into 28 color families of 5 tints per family.

​Chiaro Motifs are a uniquely patterned glass option which has all the color options of the Chiaro field. Your Motif pattern glass can be glossy or sandblasted creating a unique “wallpaper” look. Custom patterns are also considered.​

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Chiaro Tile Sanded Vineyards
Mirror Sanded Vineyards
Chiaro Tile Pop Flower
Pop Flower
Chiaro Tile Circle Motif
Circle Motif
chiaro mirror tile filmore clark
Dandelion Seeds
mirror tile filmore clark
Alligator Stripes
mirror tile filmore clark